Wyatt Daily

Spoons: A Santa Barbara Story

60 Minuten
Ab 0 Jahren
Santa Barbara Story, LLC (legal production entity) or Wyatt Daily Productions

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Dusty archives have been painstakingly tracked down and remastered to bring a new perspective to one of the most crucial periods in surfing’s evolution. This is a film compiled of never-before-seen footage from surfing’s Golden Age, with outtakes and extras from some of surfing’s most well known filmmakers to tell a history that has never been told before. “Spoons: A Santa Barbara Story” is an exploration of how one of the most significant corners of the world produced, and continues to produce, some of the most talented surfers and innovators. Deeper than all is a story of craftsmanship, work ethic, renegades and tradition, a film that goes beyond the time spent in the ocean to define how one spends a lifetime.


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